Update from the snot-front

Grete’s still pretty ill, she had a mix of sickness-bug and cold yesterday, her temperature got up over 102 last night.  We spent the early part of the night just trying to keep her cooled down, she’s a little better today.  I’ve still got a cough (and the associated headache) and generally snot-issues, also feel like I still have a temperature.

Really sucks the energy from you – the house looks like a bomb site which is a real shame since it was really clean when our friends visited.  We’ve been existing on whatever food is in the house or takeaway.  We managed to get out today and pick up some food though so that should help.

With the lack of energy comes a lack of writing for NaNoWriMo, but I’m confident I’ll start up again in a few days, despite now being three days behind.

And today is the 4th November, which means Americans get out to vote (in case you hadn’t noticed).  Good luck Obama.  Good luck America.

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