Yeh, I know you’re sick of reading about me being sick but hey, there you go.  So quick jaw update – it hurts.  It feels bruised and stretched and chewing hurts my jaw muscles.  The gum / tooth socket / whatever-the-hell-the-hole-is-called hurts but that’s more of a dull throb.  The good news is Nurofen fixes both of those pains for at least 4 or 5 hours once it kicks in, so it’s manageable.  Eating hurts even if I’ve taken pain killers so I think it’ll be soup and soft-stuff for a little while yet.

I’m nervous about how chewing is going to work on the right side of my mouth now I’ve had the tooth out.  Basically I’m expecting to struggle because I’ll be pushing food down into the gum since the molar on my upper jaw is still there.  I’ve not chewed anything on that side of my mouth for nearly a month now, and I always favoured the left side anyway, but I’d like to get at least some action going on on the right side sometime soon.

Slept ok last night, did wake up at 4:10am again, Bubbles was whining but I tricked her into going downstairs and then closed the bedroom door (yes, I am evil, thank you for asking).  That was fine until about 7:30 when Fizz decided she HAD TO BE IN THE BEDROOM and spent 10 minutes scratching at the door.  Anyway, when I first woke up I was worried I’d have too much pain to get back to sleep but it was actually okay and I was back asleep really quickly.  Considering how painful it was the night before I’m taking that as a good sign.

Grete’s cold seems a little better this morning which is good news.  We’re going roleplaying tonight which is a 40 minute drive each way and it sucks for her having to drive when she can hardly breathe.

Bubbles is ok after her vet visit and has some medication, it’s not cystitis, but more likely stress related.  Yes, even one of our cats is stressed.  In this household?  Who would have thought it.  So, vet bills and dentist bills mean it’s going to be a frugal Christmas.

I guess I need to look harder at finding NHS dental treatment.

edit: 15:14 21st November: So Grete’s cold had her fooled and it’s come out full force in the last couple of hours.  We’ve had to cancel roleplaying which sucks royally but I’m really sure driving 40 minutes each way and a 1am finish is not what Grete needs tonight.