Oblong Industries and their ‘g-speak’ environment

One of the founders of Oblong Industries served as a consultant on the movie Minority Report, and the computing interface you see in that movie was developed based on work he did at MIT.  Now his company have made it a reality.  Really.  Check this video,

I’m sure that the data and the input method is strongly tied together but in a few years this is going to be truly amazing.  Of course, we’ve been seeing this kind of thing in fiction and movies for quite a while (Johnny Mnemonic springs to mind), but if we finally have real world applications then that’s quite exciting.

I would dearly love to have a go at one of these, although I’ve got no idea what I’d do (probably write a blog post, I guess not the most efficient method).

One thought on “Oblong Industries and their ‘g-speak’ environment”

  1. Nice. Have you seen the interface Tony Stark uses in the Iron Man movie? That’s kind of the next step up from the stuff in Minority Report.

    I could imagine it all being very useful for designers, editors and the like, but for writing a novel or just day to day work? Nah. I want natural voice input with no training needed and I want it on my phone.

    Why is it that people can understand me but software struggles with my flat, monotone voice? 😉

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