I’m sad.  I’m sad that it took me this long to see Mallrats.  I’m sad that I didn’t realise before what I was missing.  I’m sad it didn’t do too well in the cinema.  I’m sad I wasn’t there to support it.

Mallrats is an honest to goodness homage to John Landis and John Hughes and the movies of a generation.  It pays tribute and builds upon movies many people my age grew up with, including Kevin Smith.  It’s quirky, it’s truly funny, it’s heartwarming and it’s well worth watching.

Some of the acting is a little stiff, I’m not sure all the actors were as onboard as they could have been especially in some of the early scenes with Claire Forlani, however that smooths out and what we get is a classic comedy of teen angst.

The movie tells the story of two newly dumped guys who finally realise what they’re missing and work to gain back the girls they discover they love.  Jay and Silent Bob ensure everything goes to plan, no matter how crazy the plan, and chaos ensues.  But, funny chaos.

It’s not sophisticated, it’s not deep, but it evokes a memory of movies that I lived with and loved deeply, and it made me laugh and laugh.  I loved it, I’ll love it again, and I’m glad I own it.