CSI: Miami

We love CSI: Vegas (or just CSI), and we watch CSI: New York and CSI: Miami.  I’ve always felt Miami was the weakest but it’s grown progressively weaker and weaker as time has gone on.

It jumped the shark a while back – but we still watch it.

Here’s a list of reasons why it annoys me,

  1. too many plot lines directly involve the team members being stupid, screwing up or falling to temptation.
  2. too many plot lines directly related to team members being the target of crime or involved in crime.
  3. too many plot lines directly related to Cain and his bloody family.
  4. too many pointless crimes with the weakest of possible motives.  Yes, I killed those nine people because that morning they laughed at my singing.
  5. crimes getting more and more complex and clearly prone to going wrong (tonight’s story had a gun mounted under a car firing a bullet at a homing beacon on a chair in a crowded wedding which somehow managed to miss and kill the bride, no really?)
  6. totally dumb approach to actually interrogating your suspects, that always goes like this “you had a motive, so basically things got out of hand and you killed blah using foo and bar”, to which the suspect says “no, I was over there doing this” and the CSI’s have to say “well, maybe so, don’t go far”. Every.  Fricking.  Time.
  7. that. fucking. computer.  You know the one, the touch panel one.  Grrr.