Spare time

Scanning gives me lots of spare time, takes 20 seconds to preview a scan for three photo’s, then 30 seconds to select the three photo areas and then about 4 minutes for it to scan those pictures.  I tend to scan about 15 or so, and then save them one at a time as PNG’s.  So I have plenty of time while it scans to read the web.

Which means I run out of things to read in Google Reader really quickly.

Which means I’ll probably blog a lot during today while I’m waiting for the scanner to finish a run of three photo’s.  Simes has just posted some amazing photo’s he took this morning with his sexy new camera, I’m jealous.  Click the image to see the whole set.

As we drove to work on Thursday we passed the canal and really wished we had our camera.  There was around a foot of mist rising from the water, it looked incredible.  It’s no wonder people believed in spirits and another world when you see some of the things water vapour and light can do.

We’ve started keeping the camera within reach in the house since the cats have a tendancy to get into silly positions and then fall asleep.  If we go too far for the camera we wake them up, so within reach means we can preserve their crazyness for ever.