Pain! Voltarol to the rescue

Today I have thumb pain (again).  I have obviously been sitting with my hands in stressful positions when typing recently.  The day before yesterday my left hand ached, around the base of my thumb, and then yesterday my right hand started up (left hand was ok), got worse toward the end of the night and today it’s killing me.  The pad at the base of my thumb hurts, and the tendons feel stretched again.  So I’m slathering Voltarol on and hoping it helps. The fumes the stuff gives off may certainly help.

Just looking at how I hold my hands when using this laptop, I suspect it may be at the root of the issue if I don’t concentrate I tend to hold my hands above the keyboard but rest my right hand against the base of my thumb and then stretch my thumb/fingers around to hit keys and use the mouse-nipple-thingy.

Anyway, yay me.