loooooong day

My team leader is on holiday, the other UK team member doesn’t work Mondays.  Not much choice today but to work despite the cold and the tooth.    We had a long running issue with one of our complex systems on Thursday and Friday.  The on-call guy got it in the neck all night Friday and all weekend.  So I worked from home today and spent the whole day on calls assisting with problem diagnosis.  Until 8:30pm.

I tried calling the dentists to arrange an appointment.  I hate medical receptionists.  We went to this surgery a few years back (5) so they have us on the books.  I needed to explain that, and then explain that I had a damaged tooth and needed an appointment.  She was exhasperated and told me I could see my regular dentist on Friday.  I asked if she had anything sooner, but she said I had to see my regular dentist.  It’s been five years, how regular can my visits to that dentist be.

But no, she can’t deviate, I have to see my regular dentist, he has no free slots until Friday, despite the piece of tooth sitting on a plate in front of me.

So I mumbled something about finding a different local dentists and hung up.

It has been a miserable, miserable day.