It’s Friday

I really needed this Friday to turn up.  Unfortunately I’m on-call this coming week, but at least the cold is finally beginning to abate.  I’m left now with just a stuffed nose and an irregular cough, instead of a streaming nose and a constant cough, which is how it’s been for three days.

My stomach/chest muscles hurt from the coughing, I hate having colds. The wound on my thumb never really hurt, it’s odd.  i expected at least some pain, but it’s knit together pretty well and there’s only any soreness if I press it.  Had to move the dentist appointment to next week, couldn’t imagine sitting in the dentist chair coughing and trying to keep my mouth open.  So, got that fun to come next week, really really not looking forward to it.

D&D tomorrow and lunch with some friends on Sunday should be good, I’m hopeful the coughing will have totally gone by then.