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A couple of friends have commented on my IMDB post from yesterday.  I thought I’d expand and answer their questions in another post.

JodyTheBad is up first.

I can’t help but share my opinions.

Good! More comments = always good.

I loved the dry humor of Fargo. And the ridiculous absurdity of it, kind of like Pulp Fiction in that way.

It’s been on my ‘I should really get …’ list for soooooooo long.  It’s probably like 2 quid from Amazon.  (In fact, it’s £3.48 for the special edition).  But then EverQuest took up all my spare time and I hardly watched any movies.  Now I have the Kevin Smith stuff to get through, and then I’ll probably start going through the Cohen Brother’s stuff in more detail.

I know everyone loves it, but I’d skip The Big Lebowski and instead watch The Graduate.

Yeh I should probably watch them both.  I have a real complex about watching classic movies made before I was of movie watching age, don’t ask me why. I’m not sure.

And you haven’t seen the Sixth Sense? I loved seeing it, although I guess it’s not as fun if you know how it goes. But I will very highly recommend seeing “Unbreakable.” It’s really great. A++++, would watch again.

Grete went to watch Sixth Sense when it was on in the cinema with a friend.  I can still clearly remember the conversation when Grete returned, she was telling me the story and I said, ‘oh, and Bruce is the guy who’s dead?’.  She was non-plussed.  I saw Unbreakable and I quite liked it, in fact I think I prefer the idea behind that more so than Sixth Sense.  But then I love SLJ in anything he does anyway.

And from Leigh,

I’m always quite please to see that I’ve watched nearly all of the first 100 and a substatial portion of the top 250.

Yeh, I’ve seen a lot of films that don’t make that top 250, but then movies are art, and one man’s empty, void and shallow movie is another’s fantastical trip into infinity.

The fact that T2 is ranked higher than Aliens is just crazy.

Yeh, frankly I’d rate Aliens higher than Alien as well, but that’s me.  Also it’s a pretty small margin between the first few.

I can’t believe you’ve not watched Se7en, 12 Angry Men, Schindler’s List (much like ‘The Green Mile’ I avoided this film for years thinking it wouldn’t be that good and I was very wrong), LA Confidential or Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.

Se7en – not my kinda movie.  I don’t enjoy suspense for the sake of it movies.  12 Angry Men, sounds interesting but see above for ‘before I was born’.  Schindler’s List maybe on the right day.  LA Confidential – yep change to a blue.  Eternal Sunshine, I never forgave Carrey for Cable Guy.

Remember, I actually bought Shoot ’em Up, and thought Smokin’ Aces was ok, that’s the kind of philistine you’re dealing with here!

2 thoughts on “IMDB top movies”

  1. Yeah, Schindler’s List is one to see when you’re in the mood and I can understand why you wouldn’t want to see Se7en as, much like ‘There Will Be Blood’ and its ilk, it’s full of excellent acting, but can be a bit heavy going.

    Eternal Sunshine is nothing like the other stuff Carrey has done. To be honest you might as well forget he’s in it at all and watch it for the wonderful idea.

    Unbreakable is a great movie, and, yes, ‘The Big Lebowski’ isn’t as good as many people complain (Kingpin is a so much better bowling film).

  2. “To be honest you might as well forget he’s in it ”

    I refuse to pay for his lunch by watching a movie he’s in 🙂

    Maybe I’ll relent at some stage.

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