Comment etiquette

So, comments.  If you leave comments and I reply, do you come back and read them?  Would you prefer if I replied as a blog posting so it’s more obvious I replied?  Do you use the comments RSS feed to track replies?

I’m stuck on comment etiquette.

3 thoughts on “Comment etiquette”

  1. I don’t mind where you reply to comments. I am not an RSS feed type of guy – I prefer to visit the sites in “person”.

  2. Simes is an old man 😉

    But usually when I see google reader showing blog posts, I just click through anyway. I may notice if you’ve responded to my comment or I may not. Probably, though. But if it’s critical that the people see it I’d send them an e-mail =)

  3. I agree, Simes is an old man (but still so scary, so I don’t really mean it). 😉

    I use Yahoo! alerts to get emails for the RSS feeds of blogs I want to keep an eye on, all the others I keep an eye on via iGoogle. Some comments I leave kind of ‘in passing’ (if it’s just a ‘cool’ or ‘nice link’), for the others where I’m actually interested in any responses I just check back on the blog a week or so later.

    After using Yahoo! alerts for a while now I’m finding it that useful that I might start adding comment feeds to it so I don’t have to keep checking on the blogs.

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