Yesterday I used the ‘snowflake method’ to write a single sentence description of a novel, and then expand that into a paragraph providing more detail. I actually quite like the idea I wrote, it’s something that’s been knocking around in my head for a few weeks. But I can’t help the feeling that ‘I am not worthy’ and that I should leave writing to the people who know what they’re doing.

I guess that’s the internal critic people talk about, telling me I’m not able to do it, and that I should learn how to tune it out and just get on with the writing and see what develops. Maybe I will. The next stage in the method is to write up some information on each of the characters, quite a lot of information and that will prove to be a challenge. Although I think I’m up to it. There are some technical difficulties with elements of the plot and I wonder how much attention I should pay to those at the beginning and if I should just ignore them and work them out as I go along. It’s possible that I’m getting hung-up on those issues due to some sekrit internal critic plot to stop me doing anything (this is main theory #1) so I’m going to try and not worry about them. They’ll either work out or not, and if they don’t I can try different things.

Still early, only just gone 8:08. Played a little Resident Evil 4 on the Wii, I like the control system. It’s pleasing that they managed to use the Wii features and not just rely on the standard controller. Playing it on easy, I suck at computer games in general, and got to an early section where some Evil Dudes[tm] were lobbing what looked like sticks of dynamite[1] at me, and inevitably I stumbled and went the wrong way and didn’t shoot the right guy and got blown up, maybe I’ll have another go later.

[1] is it dynamite these days? Does anyone still use that? I guess they do, a quick check reveals it’s considered to be a high explosive. Ooh I learned a new thing, the difference between low explosives and high explosives. Low explosives undergo deflagration (i.e. propagates through burning) where-as high explosives detonate rather than deflagrate.

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  1. If you want to borrow any Wii games Tony, give me a shout. Most are Mario-based (thanks to my daughter) but there’s some crackers in there.

    Are you online? If so, you’ll have to let me know your friend code!

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