So, three days in

I’ve had breakfast at home before setting off for work 3 days in a row now. No bacon cobs at work, so far so good. Tuesday morning I actually forgot and only remembered as we were about to leave the house but I managed to resist and scarf some toast before rushing out, instead of just going for the easy option. This morning I had scrambled egg and toast (Burgen low GI bread). Made Chilli con Carne on Monday night (all pointed up so Grete knew how many points she was having) and had the remains of that for lunch at work on Tuesday, and had sandwiches today (Burgen bread again), so hopefully that’s all better for me than the shop bought sandwhiches at work (blood sugar and fat-wise).

And yeh, I am dieting after a few weeks of indulgence. There’s a difference between knowing you should lose weight and feeling like you’re prepared to put the effort in to lose some weight. I’ve got a goal in my head but I’m not telling you what it is.

I’m also doing this because it helps Grete, and she deserves all the help she can get because she’s been trying so hard for two or three years. So if me watching my food helps her then it’s all good. It means I’ll have to be cooking more often in the evening but hopefully my reduced EQ / MMORPG playing time will give me more energy / time to cook.

The hardest thing for me is that a reasonable amount of what is considered low GI food is sometimes low GI because of the higher than average fat content (fat slows down carb absorption). So balancing low GI and low fat leads to boring food if you’re not careful. The chilli worked out pretty well, used the lowest GI rice I could find and added some corn chips (which are low GI because of the fat) and plenty of protein in the chilli itself helps as well.

So there, yeh, I am ‘on a diet’, but since I’ve been ‘on a diet’ since I was diagnosed as being type 2 diabetic, I guess it’s no change, the only thing that’s changed is I’m trying to reduce portion sizes and eat even less processed food to reduce my calorie intake as well as control my blood sugar.

Two balls in the air now, we’ll see how my juggling can cope.