Pissed off

So I know that working in a big office (big, many thousands of people at this location, many hundreds in this building alone) means it’s impersonal. I know that there are dick heads in all walks of life. I know that I should lock my own fucking cup in my draw at night. But I still don’t expect to have it fucking stolen just because I have the audacity to use a personal cup for tea and leave it on my desk overnight or in the office when I’m working from home.

Not. Happy.

One thought on “Pissed off”

  1. About 15 years ago the security guards had a habit of sitting at my desk. Back then the drawers didn’t have locks. Nothing was safe and I had anything and everything of even slight value pinched.

    I try and lock my mug away now and am always worried if I leave it out by mistake. You’re right, it shouldn’t happen.

    What we need is a mug like Judge Dredd’s Lawgiver – DNA encoded so that only you can use it. And explode if anybody else touches it. Or maybe just makes an alarm noise (don’t want exploded people over your desk in the morning).

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