Like buses

Blog posts are like British buses, you get none for a few days and then a whole bunch come along at once. I tested the surround sound speaker placement with Aliens, just flipping to some scenes I knew would have full 5.1 sound going on – and – it’s another notch better than it had been!

The sound is even more full and truly surrounds us, even though we’re sitting pretty close to the rear speakers, I’ve angled them in slightly so that we’re in the direction of the cone of sound they give out. Very, very pleased with them now. The stands will have to do – I may try and find something to cause them to lean back a little. I adjusted the heads a little and got them tighter so they don’t droop, but the stands themselves still lean into the room.

We both did our 30 minutes of Wii fit today. I wasn’t going to bother because my shoulder really does hurt a great deal, but seeing Grete doing it made it seem easier, and I stuck to low impact, lower body stuff (so lots of skiing, stepping, snowboarding, etc.) Another win for the Wii, having so much choice means you can work around the bits you broke the day before, yay.