Firstly, thanks for the comments, while I blog mainly for myself it’s nice to know people read the posts and feel they’re worthy of commenting.  I do enjoy the feedback obviously.

With blogspot, I *think* you guys got a notification, or had the choice? to get a notification when your comment was approved and/or if it was replied to.

With WordPress out of the box, I don’t think you get that.  I’ve been looking and looking at comment plugins but can’t find a small unobtrusive supported plugin which gives that functionality, so if you do comment on a post, for now I think you’ll just need to check it every now and then to see if I’ve replied, or if anyone else replied.

Edit: There’s also the recent comments widget on the sidebar, so you can see if someone’s commented and you can subscribe to the specific comment rss feed too I guess, which might be useful if you want to track comment updates.