Cold Sunday morning

It’s Sunday and it’s getting colder.  I’m busy chomping my way through some Burgen toast, I find if I let it cool down before buttering it1 then the overall taste of the bread is much more neutral.  If I eat it hot then the linseed and soya comes through much more strongly and is off-putting.  In sandwiches (un-toasted) it tastes very strongly of its own flavours and it’s hard to taste the content.  Luckily I guess, I don’t really find sandwiches that exciting, so I’ll stick to toasting it for breakfast as a low GI start to the day.

If I was oblivious to the change in weather around me, I would soon become suspicious that something was changing because the cats are behaving differently.  Well, Fizz isn’t behaving that much differently, but Bubbles certainly is.  She’s a real heat-slut, she hunts for the hottest sunbeams, flattest baking roofs, warmest part of the floor (where hot water pipes flow underneath), cosiest chairs with abandoned hot-water bottles2.  During the Spring, Summer and warm Autumn days this means that Bubbles insists on being outside.  Either following the sun around our slowly rotting deck or lying on the roof on either our shed or the sheds of neighbours.  She’ll come in, eat half a mouthful of biscuit and head straight back out to bake.  If it’s a bit windy she’ll lie in the house, in a sunbeam near the door.  However, as soon as the weather turns cool she changes mode.  She runs out to ‘do her business’3, runs back in and then curls up on the nearest soft surface.  This morning, that’s Grete’s computer chair, complete with residually warm hot-water bottle.

Her change in behaviour is the clearest sign yet that we’re heading into Autumn.  She’ll essentially sleep now until Spring.  Tough life.

Not that I can complain, snuggling down inside a warm protective house during the Winter is one of my favourite feelings in the whole world.  The whole family4 staying warm in the lounge with the fire on and the world locked out is such an excellent feeling for me.  I’d probably opt to move somewhere cold, just so I can have the excuse of a huge roaring fire to keep us warm.

And who doesn’t love the feeling of a hot cup of tea5 between your cold hands, warming them up even as you drink and feel it heating you up from the inside as well.

We said we’d take some bags of grass / weeds / dirt to the tip today, from Grete’s exploits turning over the other border in the garden, but I’m not sure how successful we’ll be considering the day is getting on already and we’ve not moved.  The only issue is that it’s forecast rain tomorrow and moving bags of wet grass / weeds / dirt is much more complex.

Warning: there follows pictures of spiders.

I’m jealous of some of Simes’ photo’s.  I love pictures of natural objects, but I really have no talent for seeing those shots or taking them.  My hands shake too much these days really (annoyingly) but I was inspired by some photo’s he’d taken to nip out into the garden and take some of my own.  Also, I wanted to get a couple of shots of stuff that I’d spoken about above.  So, here be photo’s.

This is a view of the back of our house, and the garden, which is only this tidy because of all the hard work Grete puts in keeping it tidy.  On the right of the photo you can see the new border she’s digging, so that we have matching borders.  When we first moved in the borders had various things growing in them, although on the left side of the photo we had a hedge and not the fence.  The tree next to the table and chairs is our little apple tree which we pruned recently.  Yesterday this garden was bathed in bright hot sunshine.  Today it looks like Autumn.
Here’s a closer shot of the border.
This is a quick close-up of the little apple tree.  I just liked the mossy appearance.
Probably the last remaining apple in the garden, on the big apple tree which towers over the decking.  Amazingly pristine considering the amount of wildlife in the garden trying to eat them.
A spider, seemingly hanging in mid-air (web is too fine to show up from this distance).
The spider in context, it’s hanging on a web between the tree and the fence, over the decking.
And finally, the full reveal, you can still see the spider in the bottom right of the photo.
Another spider, on the big apple tree (it’s covered in them).  I really like these spiders as long as they’re stationary and I don’t walk face first into their webs in the morning.
And last, but in no way least, this is Bubbles in her traditional Winter pose.
  1. well, before using Bertolli on it, clearly I’m not allowed butter []
  2. Grete often uses one to sooth her back pain []
  3. she will use the tray indoors if necessary but she much prefers to go outside []
  4. which means me, Grete and two cats []
  5. insert hot beverage of your choice []

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