word verification

so i did it, i went back and added to blogger everything i can find that i ever blogged, wrote or posted. so the archive of my complete inane rambling now goes back a good few years, and has all the stuff from live journal, some random posts i made in some forums, a few non-blog posts i wrote.

took three goes over a few days to get everything in, and the most painful bit is that after about 25 blog posts in a 24 hour period blogger adds word verification to each post entry, so i have to copy and paste the entry, update the time, and then type ‘khhbjbsdzxuahbas’ 89 times before submit works.

some of the google word verification links are truly evil.

i don’t suggest anyone goes back and reads any of the crap i posted, i really just included it so everything is in one place (blogger let’s you export stuff now, so i can back everything up with a handy single click).

if you read any posts though, read this one -> me and people, and this one i asked grete to marry me which seems like as good a place to start blogging as anywhere.

one thing that’s clear from reading back all my old blog posts is the number of recurring themes and how it’s always the same things i worry about. also, it’s 12 years since i started posting snippets of my life in public places (i.e. outside of fidonet, which started much earlier, i’m not sure if i’ll post any of the fidonet stuff, i have sudden deja vu that i’ve spoken about that before), and it’s clear to me that i have some basic need to be heard. when i’m not blogging i’m sending blog-like e-mails to the gemmellfantasy mailing list, or making blog-like posts to various website forums.

now that most of the content at www.darkstorm.co.uk/tony is in blogger i’ll need to decide what i’m doing with that site.