TNF – Raids in August and Important News

Raids in August

There will be a TNF Raid on August 9th. Meet in PoK at the usual time (8pm UK, 9pm Europe, 3pm US Eastern). Targets have yet to be decided.

Important News

I have a penchant for melodrama, so I make no apologies for the tone of the following news.

Everything that has a beginning, has an end.

In November 2004 (the 6th to be exact) a few of us raided Overlord Ngrub in the Torgiran mines. Lessi will know the insane amount of planning that went in to that raid, I took screenshots, I planed the route, I worked out a strategy, I drew up diagrams. It was the start of a 4 year rollercoaster that none of us could imagine.

A few weeks later Siddhaya ran some raids against Luclin targets, Zelnithak, The Va`Dyn. Soon we were ‘in’ Ssra taking out legendary targets we had simply dreamt about. I remember those first raids with complete clarity. The Siddhaya & Grayhelm Saturday raids eventually turned into TNF, with a charter (too long, we never did get it short), a structure, and a solid raid team.

We achieved the impossible, truly. Casual raiding, without any significant bitching, no serious falling out, no catastrophic collapse. We progressed without being a progression force. We grew, we accepted anyone, we handled loot in an adult and relaxed manner.

And we took on and killed the mightiest in Everquest.

2005 Sat Apr 09
Target: Kael Drakkal – The Avatar of War

2005 Sat May 14th
Target: Kael Drakkal – King Tormax

2005 Sat Jul 30th
Target: Plane of Innovation – Manaetic Behemoth

2006 Sat Jan 7th
Target: Plane of Tactics – Rallos Zek the Warlord

2006 Saturday 8th April
Target: Plane of Fire – Fennin Ro the Tyrant of Fire

2006 Saturday 14th October (in conjunction with PoTM)
Target: Plane of Water – Coirnav

2006 Saturday 21st October (in conjunction with PoTM)
Target: Plane of Air – Xegony

2006 Saturday 2nd December (in conjunction with PoTM)
Target: Plane of Earth B – The Rathe Council

2007 Saturday 20th January
Target: Ikkinz, Chambers of Destruction (Ikkinz 4)

2007 Saturday 27th January
Target: Plane of Time – Complete

2007 Saturday 10th March
Target: Uqua, The Ocean God Chantry – Complete

2008 Saturday 5th January
Target: Tunat`Muram Cuu Vauax

2008 Saturday 26th January
Target: Anguish, Overlord Mata Murum

It has been an astonishing four years. Both myself and Siddhaya are honoured to have raided with you all. To have challenged at the time, some of the toughest content in EverQuest with casual players and beaten it convincingly in the right way.

However, the time has come for myself and Siddhaya to step down. There is no single reason, no single cause. Simply that it is harder to commit every single Saturday, harder to find the time to research the targets, harder to find the energy and enthusiasm that the raid force deserves.

August 9th will be our last raid together with TNF as raid leaders. We may finally go and raid Crushbone, or maybe we’ll revisit the Guardian of the Seal, or perhaps we’ll go kill some random stuff in Theatre of Blood or go and wipe to Vishimtar, who knows. Turn up and find out. We’d love to see you there.

Before deciding this, both myself and Siddhaya had already found ourselves unable to commit to raids on the last three weeks of August (due to summer holiday or work). So, we propose TNF takes a break in August.

The question for you all, is what will happen to TNF going forward after August. There are really three options.

1. Some folk volunteer to take up the leadership role and TNF remains as it is now.
2. Some people wish to start up a raid team, but want a fresh start, and start something new to replace TNF.
3. People feel that they need a break and nothing is started immediately.

All three of those options are fine options. The decision is really in your hands. Myself and Siddhaya will support you in any way we can.

It has truly been an honour, a privilege and a complete blast spending Saturdays with you guys. Well over 120 unique people have raided with TNF over the last four years, maybe more. We thank you for everything.