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Not long after we moved into this house, maybe just before, the council in Stockon-on-Tees got in touch and told us we owed them around £600 or so, in council tax arrears. This was due to a lot of confusion, some on my part, some on theirs, around when we moved out and when the house was vacant and a number of other issues. At the time I was livid that it had taken them so long to work out they’d missed the money and we agreed that I’d pay it back £20 a month, because at the time we’d just moved house and really didn’t have any cash.

A few days ago I remembered that little £20 standing order, and of course I couldn’t remember how much we owed them, but I resolved to give them a call and find out how much was left outstanding.

We’re in credit by over £300.

I’m sure the people in the Stockton-on-Tees council tax offices are lovely people, the lady on the phone sounded pleasant enough and was very helpful. But it took them over three years to remember we owed them money in the first place (we kept them up-to-date with where we were and what was happening) and then once I’d paid off the debt they happily kept accepting the money and never bothered to get in touch when I went in credit. Good software they must have tracking those accounts.

Anyway, £20 a month back now I’ve cancelled the standing order and a £300 cheque in the post in a week or so.

Another debt from our debt-ridden past gone, another step away from the legacy of that house.

(And I’m still having to put in word verification for each post – tfhgovml !)

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  1. ha isn’t that just the way, we were around 200 pounds in credit to the gas company but they did not send it to us unless we asked for it!

    Grats on the windfall.

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