They’ve put 3 metal staples into Bubbles’ wound, Grete insists on calling her Frankencat, I’m still partial to calling her Stupid. Other than being pissed off at not being allowed out of the house, she seems in really good spirits, oblivious to the stress she’s causing with regards to our weekend away.

We think we’ve got a solution, a vet recommended cat sitter, who is actually a nurse who used to work at the vets and who looked after Squeak when she was in for diabetic treatment a few times. She’s coming around tomorrow to meet the cats, and assuming everything is fine she’ll be popping in over the weekend so we can still go away.

I’ll try and get a photo of the staples, the wound was really impressive but despite lying on her back plenty of times last night and this morning she wouldn’t stay still while I got the camera. I got a shot of her (again, lying on her back involuntarily) earlier but not sure if you can see the staples or not.