Dim Sum

I’m not really sure what dim sum really is. I know what I like it to be, and I guess since the name of this blog is perception is truth then my perception of dim sum must be what it truly is.

My first experience of dim sum was a visit to the China Garden in Brighton with quite a few people who ordered quite a few different dishes from their dim sum menu. It was a bit of a revelation really, and since I love strong tasting food and lots of different tastes, dim sum was just the thing. If I could have my way in most restaurants I would order 10 starters and no main course, and that’s just what dim sum in the China Garden offered.

We went a few times after that (Grete of course had been loads before), and it was delicious every time. We found somewhere in Nottingham which did ‘ok’ dim sum, but it eventually turned into a buffet (cold mostly) and we couldn’t stomach it after that. We’ve not found anywhere as nice as the China Garden since, although we’ve not looked incredibly hard. There are some places which do dim sum in or around Nottingham but the menus are not as extensive as the China Garden and that variety is the whole point.

Anyway, we’re hoping to go when we’re next in Brighton so that should be nice!