Constantly Amazing Ignorance

I’m constantly amazed at how little I know. I was reading the BBC News site about what’s going on in Darfur at the moment, and followed a few links and ended up reading about the ICC (International Criminal Court). Last week I was reading about the Paris Club. I find it amusing that people worry about ‘secret societies’ running the planet when there’s so many obvious ones who aren’t secret and who are running the planet.

Anyway, the most interesting thing about the ICC to me is that America didn’t sign up (or they did, but then unsigned). I’m sure there are arguments as long as the earth is round as to why, and I’m not political analyst, but I wonder if you look at the countries which objected and didn’t sign and see what kind of company you’re in, and look at the ones who did sign and see what kind of company they are, and look at yourself and decide where you want to sit.

Let’s not be fooled, the majority is not always right, sometimes the lone voice has to make a stand and be heard, but when offered the question ‘do you believe we should form a court which has the right to prosecute war crimes when the nation in which they take place or causes them can not prosecute them for some reason’ and you say no, and one of the few other countries who said no are China you may want to check who’s on your team. As it stands, 106 states are members, another 40 have signed it but not ratified it and only a handful said no. In truth, America signed it, but then said they wouldn’t ratify it (in a process they call unsigning). But that’s still a ‘no, not yet’.