Bubbles Redux

So, she took up her favourite position (on the floor, near her scratching post, on her back) again, and nodded off. So I took some photo’s, look away now if you’re squeamish. By the way, there’s a reason we took these, not just because this is the Internet Age of Blogging Injuries, but because if we have some photo’s, we can look closely at the wound without having to hold her down, and we can check how it is in a week or so. Don’t have to get anywhere near as close to her with the camera so she stays relaxed.

Not that she appears to care about her injuries at all anyway.

So, here she is, dozing. She often nods off with her legs up in the air like that and the injury (which you can see in the shaved patch) doesn’t appear to be changing her approach.

The nurse shaved around the wound last night when we took her in to the emergency vets so the vet could get a better look.

She just let us hold her sitting up while the nurse used electric clippers to shave the area, she seemed totally calm and never displayed any signs that the wound was causing her pain.

Here’s the close up of the wound, looks like 6 staples and it’s looking a lot angrier than it did first thing this morning.

You can click the pictures for full size versions if you dare.

I bet she’ll be showing this scar off to her buddies once it’s healed.

I wonder if she knows how damn luck she was, another 1 or 2mm and it may have been a totally different story 🙁

We’ve had a good look around the garden and can’t see anything specifically hazardous that could have caused it, and her snap-away collar is missing and not anywhere in the garden, so we’re non-the-wiser about where she picked the injury up.

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