Another DVD I purchased recently when scooping up a bunch of ‘under £5 movies’, but this time it’s a movie I’ve seen before on TV a couple of times. I guess that gives an immediate indication that I enjoy it, and feel it’s worth owning to watch again. There’s nothing individually spectacular about Ronin but together all the different elements join to make a solid, good quality, entertaining action-thriller.

De Niro’s ex-CIA character is suitably under-stated, and I love Jean Reno in just about anything anyway. Reno may play the same character every time, but I happen to like it, and I like the way he plays it, and this one is no exception. While the dialog is sparse overall, the interplay between De Niro, Reno and the other cast is what I really enjoy most about Ronin, what goes unsaid is as critical as what you do hear.

The plot is pretty simple, a collection of rag-tag guns for hire are brought together to obtain a case (contents unknown), a twist and betrayal ensue, interspersed with car chases and explosions and finally nearly all is revealed. The pace is excellent, the story continually moving along and keeping you engaged, and the performances are all good.

Watching De Niro sprinting reminds you of his age a little and drags you away from the moment, but otherwise it’s an excellent quality movie, nothing overly original, but delivered in a polished and enjoyable package.