One Vision!

These posts are archives of forum / blog entries I made on my EverQuest guild website. The website won’t be around forever, and I wanted the posts all in one place so I didn’t lose them, this blog seemed like as good a place as any.

The 1st of September saw TNF’s first Anguish raid, and it was a mighty success. If you’ve not seen the video, head over to the Forums and check out Simes’ post. Anguish was the culmination of a long period of raiding for us, you don’t just walk into Anguish in the right gear and kill those mobs. You need to understand how to raid, how to raid efficiently, how to handle multiple kinds of healing, how to handle different kinds of mobs and different sources of damage. The things TNF learned beating the Planes of Power, raiding in Time, beating Uqua and all the raids we did before that came together in Anguish. On a personal level, it was astoundingly good fun, and I want to thank everyone for turning up, and doubly for those who managed to stay until the end, much beyond our normal finish time. As co-raid leader, and I know Siddhaya feels the same, we’re proud to raid with you and proud to have gotten here with you the right way, with hard work and learned skills.

Keldovan the Harrier posed no threat to us, we beat his little pets to death while was looking the other way and then we nailed him to the wall. Grats to Loxado, Simes, Raggnok, Grayhelm and Goldun on loot drops, and Bellin on her Anguish backflag.

Ture roared and roared and roared but failed to blow our house in. Check out Simes’ video of Ture sulking with his heads in the wall and showing his arse to the raid. Even that didn’t manage to put us off and he dropped like the big dog he is. Grats to Ciorine, Goldun, Donii, Torakk and Hetshu on loot drops and Spirithelm on his Anguish backflag.

Warden Hanvar tried to outwit us, his Dragorn guards put on a good show, but it was in vein. We wittled them down and smashed his great ugly beast spine into little itty small bits. Your axe doesn’t scare us Warden Hanvar. Grats to Belline, Moonebeam, Annalaesta (epic 2.0 orb), Nlaokx, Tinyface and Seibas on loot drops and Marissa on her Anguish backflag.

Jelvan, why do you not escape yourself you lazy ass? Well we tried to rescue you but we got overwhelmed, also we got no video or screenshots! But we recovered and we showed your tormentors what it means to suffer and we freed you from your prison you ungrateful bitch. Grats to Annalaesta, Spirithelm, Kubit, Swifit, Mirzerker (epic 2.0 orb) and Simes on loot drops, and Caminaara on her Anguish backflag.

On the way, we triggered some Lieutenants, but even they could not stop us. Damlin Lingering Charge, First Lieutenant Minas and Vilria the Keeper. Grats to Loxado, Zanbuko and Aaiamen on their augs.

And then came Arch Magus Vangl. It was late, very late, and he was mean, very mean. Mostly though his guards were even meaner. We put up a valiant effort, but it was doomed, literally. Next time we’ll get to him faster, and we’ll be less tired and more awake.

Anguish you were everything we expected, and we’ll be back.