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I have this feeling, after posting my comments about bread yesterday, that I blogged something very similar a while back. Oh well. My first deja blog experience but probably not my last. Autumn is definately upon us, random use of the central heating, morning breath in the air, that smell that can only be described as the earth taking a breath and getting ready to be freezing cold (well ok, it could be described as other things, but I enjoyed the irony of describing a smell using sounds, and the arrogance of assuming the entire earth is in winter at the same time).

That’s something that while I know it, it doesn’t really sink in. It’s summer in parts of the world while it’s winter in others. And they call it summer, it’s not like December is a warm winter month in the southern hemisphere, December is actually in their summer. How weird is that. December is a cold month, it’s part of my inherent ‘knowing’ of things. I hear the word February and it conjures up cold dark nights and biting wind. That’s not memory, that’s something in my soul which says that is how February is. But it’s obviously not. It’s a weird feeling, I probably can’t explain it in terms that won’t make you point and laugh but there you go. It’s just weird. I can cope with timezones, I deal with them a lot, but I still struggle to get my head around the concept of the seasons being different in different parts of the world.

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