Ugh second day back!

Second day back at work after just over a week off, and all ready I need a holiday! Cliche or not it’s true. Mind you, at the end of my holiday I was ready to get back to work (and Grete was ready for me to come back too!). Couple of weeks off in October which I’m looking forward to, hopefully we’ll get out of the house a bit more during that break and perhaps go and see something!

The number of people inviting me to Facebook finally reached critical mass and I couldn’t resist any longer, I’m still oddly cautious about being ‘me’ on the ‘net rather than some supposedly anonymous entity but I guess the illusion of privacy is just that, an illusion. Anyway within a few hours of being on facebook I’d got back in contact with a couple of people from Uni so I think the benefits outweigh the issues, certainly for me.