May get another one in before the end

Two posts in the same month – it’s nearly unheard of. Went to see Pirates of the Caribbean 3 with a bunch of friends last weekend, I’ll write a full review soon. Here’s a summary – too long, not exciting enough, last 30 minutes was excellent. Spent the last weekend (as well as watching Pirates) with a bunch of friends from our Everquest guild which was fun, even though the weather tried to ruin it for us. In typical British style we ignored the freezing cold and the rain and sat outside eating food and drinking drink. It was good and hopefully we’ll be doing it again later in the year.

I finally caved in a bought a new phone as well, still on pay-as-you-go, but at least it’s a modern phone rather than the house brick I used to carry a few years back and which has been sitting next to my desk as an alarm clock for a while. The new phone is a Nokia, and I’d show you how it looks but you can’t take pictures of your own phone with your own phone, usually. If you know me, I probably already sent you the new number, if you don’t know me, you didn’t get it. If you know me and didn’t get it, drop me a note, I’m not ignoring you I swear.

Oh, and the car is booked in for an MOT next week … wish us luck.