Trolls and Friends!

Fiona’s visiting at the moment, she’s lovely and we love her. We went bowling on Monday night (was fun), Andy popped over and visited last night and we were knackered this evening so ate and watched The Princess Bride on dvd. Fiona is crazy enough to cook for us when she visits so we had pasta bake tonight before watching the dvd. She also brought us a gift (she’s too kind!) which we both totally LOVE! So as you can see from the picture, our garden is now the proud owner of a troll protector!

He weighs about like 2 tonnes, and we carried him from the road to the bottom of the garden next to the shed (so he has somewhere to go if it gets too warm). Bubbles did try to make friends, but I missed that photo opportunity, so instead I ‘placed’ her in front of the troll and took another shot, you can’t tell she’s been placed 😉