First of all let me say, I didn’t watch the TV series (Grete did and loved it). But I really enjoyed the movie. Watched it twice on DVD now (it wasn’t on long enough in the Cinema for us to catch it there), and it’s very entertaining. I find some of the acting a little hammy but then lots of Joss’ stuff is like that I find, and it doesn’t always detract. The characters are fun, the plot arc is short and concise and even without having watched the TV series I think you get enough of the background quickly to enjoy what’s going on.

Effects shots are kept to a minimum and used to enhance the story, the bad guy is cool and not entirely traditional (although elements of him are archetypical he’s a mishmash of several sources), the good guys are fun and interesting and even in the short time the movie runs you build an emotional bond and hence suffer along with them.

Definately one to watch, funny, interesting and pacey. I am a leaf on the wind; watch how I soar.