Battlemaster Prattlemaster – beaten broken bashed

These posts are archives of forum / blog entries I made on my EverQuest guild website. The website won’t be around forever, and I wanted the posts all in one place so I didn’t lose them, this blog seemed like as good a place as any.

It was a grudge match. Only one other mob has eluded our grasp as many times as Battlemaster Rhorious. It was time for him, and his hangers on to meet the blunt end of a TNF shaped Wedgie. We were light on clerics when we started the move, but a few more bolstered our numbers by the time we arrived. We had more necromancers than a goth party in a morgue, enough DPS to handle just about anything, the time was right.

But hell was it ugly. BMR tanking was fine, he died as he should, carefully, well managed, until his golem buddies rushed the raid. And all hell broke loose. The golems started their fun little knockback. Casters got thrown into the path of Snakes-on-a-Dress, and the goat just kept chasing down our ranger and kicking their ass. It was messy. We nailed BMR, killed the golems next, struggled with the snake but finally got her flattened and then just did the goat from afar. Awesome work from everyone, I’d like to think we can tidy it up in future, but hey the loot rocked and we had FUN!

After beating Ikkinz 1 in the week, and beating BMR, we felt it was time to step into the Muramite Proving Grounds and take on a trial. The MPG Trial of Hatred to be precise. Holy chaos in a bucket batman. The short summary is that we ‘learned some lessons’ and ‘made some valuable tactical progression’ which means we got our asses handed to us *but* not because we don’t have the power, skill and tactics to beat the trial, just because it was new and we had to deal with some new situations. We can beat that trial, we will beat that trial.

To round off the evening we took out Ritesmaster Verok in the Ruins of Illsalin and boy does he drop some nice loot 🙂 Overall a great evening, grats to the 4 people who got level 70 spells, grats to the winners of the loot from BMR and from RV and grats to everyone for a sterling effort in MPG.