A Knight’s Tale

Superb. Go and see it!

A medieval romp through the delicate foliage of true love, honour and courage. This movie has pace, humour [oh the excellent humour], high emotions, on-the-edge-of-your-seat moments, and more. I’m sure there are detractors who will cry ‘oh how predictable’ and ‘oh but where was the twist’. Well to them – tosh.

We got hokum and bunkum by the bucket, and we loved it.

The characters were moving and interesting, the dialog was sharp, the humour had me laughing out loud, and whilst it may have been easy to predict the story and the results, it never detracted for a moment from the entertainment value provided.

Planet of the Apes ran in a straight line and I disliked it as a result; let’s face it, so did this movie, but here it didn’t matter, because we were being dragged along in its wake feeling glorious and enriched.

With a nod and a wink to the excellent Plunkett And Macleane we are given a period fantasy with a modern feel and an updated sound track. The movie opens with the medieval crowd singing Queen’s ‘We will rock you’, and the banquet dance scene includes modern music and dance in a period setting.

Excellent performances all round, but for me, Paul Bettany stood out as Chaucer. Audacity, charisma and an on screen presence which left me wanting more.

So generally, an excellent feel-good movie, entertaining, thrilling, funny, well worth £5.50, and one I will be buying on DVD no doubt. I strongly recommend seeing it.