Weekend fun

Bellisin and Rosi visited this weekend (friends from EQ, used their character names to maintain their privacy) which was cool 🙂 We had some food at ours on Friday with them and Simes, went shopping on Saturday and then went to the cinema and had Mexican on Sunday.

X-Men 3 was ok, better than the second, different to the first one.  Certainly darker, less ‘fluffy’ than the first two, but too many holes to be a brilliant movie.  Enjoyable although slow paced in parts, especially for those new to the franchise.

Back to work tomorrow (boo) for four days (yay) and then Live Action Roleplaying for three days (yay) and a day recovering (yay) and then back to work (boo).  So a boo-yay-yay-boo kinda time ahead.