So, I suck

I know, I know, I suck. Entire months pass before I get around to writing new blog entries. And then when I do, they’re mostly apologising for not writing blog entries. Other people seem to write exciting things or funny things, or deep-thinking things, and I just spend my time apologising for not getting around to writing any boring stuff about my life that none of you are interested in reading anyway 🙂

We painted some of the small bedroom over the last couple of weeks. Sanded some woodwork, painted the window sill and the radiator. We’ve bought the paint for the ceiling and walls, so they’re next on the list. Once that’s done hopefully we’ll be able to move some stuff into the room semi-permanently (exactly what is still open for debate) to free up space in the big room, and allow us to do something with that. Feels good to be doing something with the house, after such a long time.

Nearly finished paying of the loan, omg that’s such good news. 7 years we’ve been paying that back, and only 1 or 2 payments left to go. I’ve got high hopes for the extra spare cash but I suspect it’ll be going on bills for a while yet, but fingers crossed it should make things a little easier.

My diabetes is still there and still meaning lots of of changes to what and how I eat, still not under control enough to keep the doctor happy but blood sugar average has been down for the last 3 tests (8 months) so as far as I’m concerned, that’s the right direction. Had my eye test last week, and it’s clean, no eye damage which was a huge relief.

We’re thinking about considering thinking about possibly going to Maelstrom this year, but time scales are already tight, and cash is even tighter. We’ll see.