Time Marches ever onward

It’s March, I know, I find it hard to believe as well but there you go. Time it seems, refuses to stand still for even one moment. I survived the festive period, I’m sure you’re all glad to hear. I have to go and have another set of blood tests and checkups for the diabetes soon (this week or next) but fitting it in between bouts of apathy is proving difficult. We’ll see if I can break a hole for it in my busy apathy schedule next week.

Work is a bit more optimistic than it’s been for some time, they’ve ‘reorganised’ again back into the structure they had 3-4 years ago when I started which always felt like a better layout than the 2 they reorganised into during that period. I’m hoping it finally makes an impact, it’s moved me into a team which will have work to do even when my present work is offshored which can only be A Good Thing[tm].

I’m actually feeling quite chirpy. I know, I’m confused as well.

I signed up to Google’s AdSense thingy and popped some adverts onto the Gemmell Mania site, it’s eating up more and more bandwidth these days, so I reckon earning $1 dollar a year should help recover some of those costs. I feel a bit of a hypocrit since I refuse to click on web advertising, but it’s unobtrusive and not everyone feels like I do, so we’ll see how that goes. If any of the regulars complain I’ll probably take it off again. You can add AdSense to your blogger site with only about 3 clicks, but really, even I don’t read this site so I can’t imagine it generating any revenue. One blog article every 2 months isn’t really electrifying.

We’ve become addicted to CSI (Vegas, Miami and probably New York if we ever saw any), excellent TV shows, the only thing I try and actually watch each week, and Grete’s just starting getting the DVD box sets which is cool.

Some of the feelings of being happier and more communicative are probably due to the fact that spring is nearly upon us, always a time to feel like doing new things and emerging from a wintery ball of unsociable defense. We’ll see if it lasts.