Well, yesterday and today I’ve still had the anxiety symptoms, but no-where near as pronounced as they were before hand. The facial/neck pain almost totally gone (although there’s a twinge or two this morning), the heart thing subdued and the cough/breathing stuff not as nasty, although they all come back pretty strongly just before I go to bed, as usual.

I guess the question is, can I cope with the anxiety and get it under control outside of work, in a way which helps me maintain control inside work. We’ll see.

The ‘eating less’ thing isn’t going too well, but hey, we knew that for the last 34 years why would the last 4 weeks be any different. Going to be tough to change the habits I have around food, I have a strong dislike for anything which prevents me enjoying food, and I’m not good at self discipline.

EverQuest is down again for another five hour patch. Not the most successful expansion launch for EQ. 11 Hour patch to launch, 3 hour patch on the day after, 5 hour patch on the day after that and today another 5 hours. So a total of 24 hours of downtime so far to launch it, time will tell if it ruins the experience for some people. Certainly those who did not buy it will be pretty annoyed considering they’re suffering for content they can’t see.

Monster missions are a total blast, radically new in EQ, playing Nagafen and defending his cave from the hoards of crazy ‘players’ was some of the best fun I’ve had in EQ for a long time. Hopefully it’s a sign of some rich content further in the expansion, if we get a good enough run to be able to go and see any of it.