A New Dawn

And here we are again, another attempt at blogging, another promise to keep my website up-to-date, will I manage this time? Who knows, certainly not me.

I played with the idea of using Blogger, but decided since I had other stuff on this site I wanted to keep I’d try again here, and at least it keeps it all in one place. I’m going to try and put something in here every day, mainly for myself, but also to keep friends up-to-date with what’s going on. Lots of friends just left work, and I don’t want to lose complete touch with them – so this is my attempt at that.

car and bens

As usual, it starts with cars 😉 This time, failed the MOT but only on front-lamp (no pattern) and break lights (always on) which is damn good news for us, considering our luck with cars. Oh the breaks need looking at and the engine has an oil leak (our drive is clear evidence of that), but the MOT will be fine on Friday once we get the lights done. Major good news. Grete’s appeal against her benefit decision came through a little while back, some of you already know, and was found in our favour. Mixed feelings, it’s odd being told you are officially ill after all, but at least they’ll pay the benefit going forward, and Grete got it back paid since last year, which helped buy some glasses for us both (more later), and a few other nice things.


So, still playing EQ. Not quite as aggressivley as I was while in the raiding guild, but still pretty much all our spare time is spent playing or dealing with the game. The guild is moving forward, we run regular raids on weekends now (myself and another member co-lead them), and they’re fun but a strong committment. Got some WoW accounts, and played a bit, but it’s socially void even though it’s technically excellent, so struggling to get into it, and at around the same time, EQ really picked up again socially, which didn’t help.


It’s been on the cards for a while, but I finally went for an eye test, and yes, I’m short sighted. After spending my teens and 20’s with perfect vision, it’s frustrating to find it’s no longer so. I’m still legal to drive apparently (although not owning a license might be an issue), but I’m definately getting short sighted. Got a couple of pairs of glasses which I should use when doing long-sight work, although I’ve not started doing them yet.


I used to work in a team of around 11 people, some two years ago. Now, the team is down to 5, with 3 covering the same work that I do. Down from a 1 in 5 24/7 rota to a 1 in 2 24/7 rota. Four of those people left last week while I was on holiday, due to some unforseen timing, and an offer of voluntary redundancy. Several other friends in other teams left at the same time, and more are still planning to go. So, very different place this morning to the one I left 10 days ago. Uncertain times, unhappy times, we’ll have to see how long I can stick it out.

the web

I’m a total slacker with the gemmell mania website. Haven’t updated the news on the front page in 18-20 months, and rarely read the forums on there. I really need to decide what to do with that site, either ignore it, close it, or hand it over to someone else. Having fun with the Truly Naughty Troop website though. And the guild members seem to like it.