Truly Naughty Troop Newsletter – Edition 10 – 7th April 2004

These posts are archives of forum / blog entries I made on my EverQuest guild website. The website won’t be around forever, and I wanted the posts all in one place so I didn’t lose them, this blog seemed like as good a place as any.

Truly Naughty Troop Newsletter - Edition 10 - 7th April 2004


1. Introduction
2. News
3. Upcoming Events
4. Zone-mania
5. Help Wanted
6. Help Offered
7. Useful Links
8. Acronym Buster
9. Messages
10. Feedback

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1. Introduction

Wow, we made it into double figures, I thought I'd have got bored and given up far earlier than this ;) But doing the newsletter is actually quite fun and gives me something to do during the quiet moments at work.

I think the Overking in Chardok is petitioning TNT because we keep wasting him, he dropped twice again this week, without any serious incident, and two more guild clerics are a step closer to their epics. Will that be 7 or 8 epic clerics now, I've lost count. I suspect Ragefire is already making plans for his escape (I'm writing this on Monday evening, if we drop Rage before Wednesday, remember when I wrote this when you read it, if you see what I mean).

Fabled mobs are still present in the game, and are adding an additional challenge to travelling through some zones, and those damn skeletons are still clawing their way out of the ground at nights and wreaking havock in a few zones. No news yet from Sony when those will go away - perhaps they're here to stay?

More folk have returned to TNT over the last week, welcome back Taninea, Waluvean and Trevawn, good to see you all back.

Update - so it's Wednesday, and since I wrote the above, Ragefire has died twice in 24 hours at the hands of TNT and two more clerics are waving their Clicky Sticks around in /gu - grats to Belk and Kish.

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2. News

Congratulations to Jaenelle on getting her 8th Shawl complete - she sends her thanks to anyone who helped.

Congratulations to both Kishere and Belkhanu on their singed scroll drops, the Chardok raid was a great success, thanks to everyone who came along. Not as much chaos as last time ;) but then we also succeeded. Dropping the Overking with only 9 folk was a little nerve-wracking the second time, and as expected, he popped while we were dealing with three of his guards, but we'd planned for that, and he went down without any deaths the second time (he ate Sidd the first time around, but hey, she's a Monk, what do you expect?).

Congratulations to Belkhanu on his Ragefire kill and his resulting Epic :)

Congratulations to Kishere on her Ragefire kill and her resulting Epic :)

DING DING - Thorix dinged 65 - congratulations. DONG DONG - Thorix down-dinged 64 - commiserations. DING DING - Thorix dinged 65 - congratulations. ;)

[Know someone who dinged something significant? Let me know - I'm not always on (no, honestly) so sometimes don't get to see dingage]

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3. Upcoming Events

HOT! - Sunday 11th April - ToV Halls of Testing - Meeting time: 12pm ADT/1pm PDT/4pm EDT/8pm BST. Meeting Place: ToV (Tower of Veeshan) -

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4. Zone-mania

This week's favourite zone is from Snowfyre and covers Gunthak and Dulak

The Gulf of Gunthak/Dulak's Harbor, progressively that is, have become two of my favorite places to hunt. Soloing - I hit the beach around 40-45 with Snowfyre. Careful pulling to walls and lessor made a difference (mini-kites are ok if you've cleared an area - otherwise stick to root/dot). I prefer the left side (zombies and skellies) to the right side (humans and bugs). /shrug Dunno why, they seem easier to deal with, maybe I just have a bug phobia ;) lol Some people might dislike the number of tunnel trains that happen here, but if you fight the left wall, you can avoid much of that. After a while you'll take bets on the biggest train causer :)

At 50/51, I have been soloing the initiates on the castle steps. There is a big area to the right of the steps where you can run them around if you get in trouble. (one lone drogmor along the wall will aggro if you get too close) Money is not good, xp is decent - for me that is :) I have found lately that I"m playing "afk" a lot lol. I need a relatively safe corner to sit in between pulls while I get rl stuff done. It's rarely camped and Snow has spent a few hours alone in this area. (Maybe it's the time of day that I play!)

Grouping - Dulak's Harbor is a blast. There's just something about sneaking a group past the townsfolk and onto the piers... I like the progression of boats (moving around the harbor they get harder). It gives you solid feel of advacement. When the "camp check" call comes, it's nice to see you moved from "Stormwave" to "LadyD" or wherever. Of course, Oceancrasher is still a dream for me /grin. The money is decent at the end of a run and so is the xp. My lvl 58 druid friend can solo the first boat... I admit I haven't been that brave yet.

Stormwave mobs are dark blue to me at 51. Duo-ing the first 2 boats in low 50's is where I am currently. Had a group of four on Dandolak and that was a blast. I also have lvl 65 Mage friend that solos Oceancrasher (some still being light blue/blue to him).

But, my "favorite" part of this zone has been the people. Maybe it's just been my luck with Dulak's, but I've found people fighting here to be respectful of camp rights, helpful with drops (perhaps due to the number of no drop quest items others are in search of), and generally friendlier than many other zones.

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5. Help Wanted

Moonebeam has a request - please keep all Green Goblin Skins and Death Mt. Mineral Salts for our up-and-coming rogue/mage Chardok CoTH Team - thanks :)

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6. Help Offered

None this week.

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7. Useful Links

Fancy monkying about? is the Monkly Business web forum - well worth looking at for anyone playing a monk.

Missed the previous edition of this newsletter? Deleted it and want to read it again (to assist with getting to sleep perhaps?), check out the previous editions here thanks to the Keeper of the Boards.

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8. Acronym Buster

A very long section of zone names, with some common abbreviations - not everyone uses these, and they do vary from server to server sometimes, but it's a good starter for 10. If I've got any wrong, let me know.

Blackburrow (BB)
Cazic-Thule (CT)
East Commonlands (EC)
Eastern Plains of Karana (EK, East Karana)
Everfrost (EF)
Freeport (FP)
Gorge of King Xorbb
High Keep (HHK, HK)
Highpass Hold (HPH)
Innothule Swamp
Jaggedpine Forest (JPF)
Kithicor Forest (Kith)
Lake Rathetear (Lake Rath, Lake Rathe)
Lavastorm Mountains (Lavastorm)
Lower Guk (LGuk)
Misty Thicket (Misty)
Nagafen's Lair (Sol B)
Nektulos Forest (Nek)
Northern Desert of Ro (NRo, North Ro)
Northern Plains of Karana (NK, North Karana)
Oasis of Marr (Oasis)
Permafrost Keep
Qeynos Catacombs
Qeynos Hills
Rathe Mountains (RM, Rathe)
Runnyeye Citadel
Solusek's Eye (Sol A)
Southern Desert of Ro (SRo, South Ro)
Southern Plains of Karana (SK, South Karana)
Splitpaw (Paw)
Surefall Glade (SFG)
Temple of Solusek Ro
The Arena
The Feerrott
Upper Guk
West Commonlands (WC)
Western Plains of Karana (WK, West Karana)

Erud's Crossing
Kerra Island
Stonebrunt Mountains (Stonebrunt)
The Hole
The Warrens
Toxxulia Forest (Tox)

Butcherblock Mountains (BB)
Castle Mistmoore (Mistmoore)
Crushbone (CB)
Dagnor's Cauldron (DC)
Estate of Unrest (Unrest)
Greater Faydark (GFay, GF)
Kedge Keep (KK)
Lesser Faydark (LFay)
Ocean of Tears (OOT)
Steamfont Mountains

Burning Wood (BW)
City of Mist (CoM)
Emerald Jungle (EJ)
Firiona Vie (FV)
Frontier Mountains (FM)
Howling Stones
Karnor's Castle (KC)
Kurn's Tower (Kurn.s)
Lake of Ill Omen (LOIO)
Mines of Nurga (Nurga)
Skyfire Mountains (SF)
Swamp of No Hope
Temple of Droga
The Dreadlands (DL)
The Field of Bone (FoB)
The Overthere (OT)
Timorous Deep (TD)
Trakanon's Teeth (TT)
Veeshan's Peak (VP)
Warsliks Woods (WW)

Cobalt Scar (CS)
Crystal Caverns (CC)
Dragon Necropolis
Eastern Wastes (EW)
Iceclad Ocean (IC)
Icewell Keep
Kael Drakkal (Kael, KD)
Siren's Grotto (SG)
Sleeper's Tomb
Temple of Veeshan (ToV)
The Great Divide (GD)
Tower of Frozen Shadow (ToFS)
Velketor's Labyrinth (Velks, VL)
Wakening Land (WL)
Western Wastes (WW)

Acrylia Caverns (AC)
Akheva Ruins
Dawnshroud Peaks (DSP)
Echo Caverns (Echo, EC)
Fungus Grove (Fungus, FG)
Grieg's End (GE)
Grimling Forest
Hollowshade Moor
Katta Castellum
Maiden's Eye (ME)
Marus Seru (Marus, MS)
Mons Letalis
Netherbian Lair (Neth)
Paludal Caverns (PC)
Sanctus Seru
Scarlet Desert
Shadeweaver's Thicket
Shadow Haven
Shar Vahl
Ssraeshza Temple
Tenebrous Mountains
The Bazaar
The Deep
The Grey
Twilight Sea (TS)
Umbral Plains (UP)
Vex Thal (VT)

Crypt of Nadox (Nadox)
Dulak's Harbor (Dulak)
Gulf of Gunthak (Gunthak)
Hate's Fury
Torgiran's Mines

The Planes (Original)
Plane of Air (PoA, PoSky, PoS)
Plane of Fear (PoF, Fear)
Plane of Growth (PoG)
Plane of Hate (PoH, Hate)
Plane of Mischief (PoM)

Planes of Power
Crypt of Terris Thule
Doomfire, the Burning Lands (PoF, Plane of Fire)
Drunder, Fortress of Zek (PoTac, Plane of Tactics)
Eryslai the Kingdom of Wind (PoA, Plane of Air)
Halls of Honor (HoH)
Plane of Disease (PoD)
Plane of Innovation (PoI)
Plane of Justice (PoJ)
Plane of Knowledge (PoK)
Plane of Nightmare (PoN)
Plane of Storms (PoS)
Plane of Time (PoTime, Time)
Plane of Torment (PoTorment)
Plane of Tranquility (PoT)
Plane of Valor (PoV)
Reef of Coirnav (PoW, Plane of Water)
Ruins of Lxanvom (CoD, Crypt of Decay)
Temple of Marr
Torden, Bastion of Thunder (BoT)
Tower of Solusek Ro
Vegarlson the Earthen Badlands (PoE, Plane of Earth)

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9. Messages

A short message from Gnomtrix - thanks to those folk who helped me drop the Fabled Ishva Mal in Splitpaw - he doubles for 1300, enrages, summons, casts, is immune to runspeed changes, and can only be partially slowed. Thanks to Jaenelle, Taninea (who brought her Shadowknight) and Nevina. Wasn't a very tough fight and didn't last long. I estimate he has 60k hp if anyone else wants to try him - had to kill 7 placeholders, and thanks to the login server problems, no one else was in Paw for that spawn. I think the 8k harmtouch had the mob scared :)

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10. Feedback

Please feel free to send all feedback about this newsletter to

Let me know if you'd like to see any additional sections or content, and if you have any content to contribute. The best way to get content into the newsletter, is to post it to the boards, and I'll pick it up. If you like, send me a pointer requesting it be added, but the board is the first place you should stick it :)

If you would like to stop receiving the newsletter, or would like to change your e-mail address, or any other administrative mail should also be sent to - please remember to include your character name and e-mail address.

You can also send me a tell in game as Gnomtrix if I'm on.

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