I’m knackered! Spent the day ripping PC’s apart, rebuilding them, moving bits around, for a friend of Grete’s. I don’t mind doing it at all, but it’s bloody warm work.

Since Grete got her new machine, we’ve reduced the number powered up overall by one. Her old machine (lothlorien) became the mail/news/web server here. Her new machine (shire) is obviously hers. We decommissioned hoth, which was the old mail/news box. And we’ve also turned off r2d2 which was providing the printer and data shares. Lothlorien (debian) is now providing those, which is nice (and it’s finally working with the tape backup, which wouldn’t work on the previous debian build).

I found a whole bunch of old receipts today, for computer stuff I’ve bought over the years, including one for a double speed CD ROM, £99. One for a 1GB hard disk, £169. A sound-blaster clone (Thunderboard), £79. A dot-matrix printer, £270. 4MB of memory, £76. Weird.