20141021-600D-4111_x1600_hqI guess since I’m sticking this URL into my photographs, I should put a page up.

I like taking photographs.  I enjoyed it as a kid, through university and later as an adult.  I always had ‘instant’ cameras though, never anything more serious, and I knew nothing about the technical elements of photography.  Eventually I purchased a DSLR (doesn’t everyone?)  I’m not sure I’ll ever advance past ‘clumsy amateur’, but I’m enjoying it none-the-less.

Here’s a little summary of where I was when I bought the camera.

You can find some of my pictures over on Flickr.

I’ve decided to re-license many of my Flickr images as Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0.  Flickr only shows version 2.0, but the version 4.0 license details will be embedded in the images.

You can read about that license here.

Essentially, you’re free to use, share and adapt my Flickr images, as long as you provide suitable attribution (a link to this page is fine, or just my name and e-mail address) and that your use is non-commercial.  If you want to use the images commercially, then just drop me an e-mail (tony@ the domain of this site will work – i.e.

As a result of this change, I’ll be removing the watermarks from the Flickr images over the next few weeks in batches.

A small few photos will remain All Rights Reserved (i.e. you’re not free to use them) but will be clearly indicated both in the image metadata and on the Flickr license option.  These will be mostly older scanned pictures that you wouldn’t want anyway, and a minority of other stuff.  You’re free to ask about using those images on a case by case basis, same e-mail address as above.

The usual random blogging type stuff, usually ranting.