ZX Spectrum – D01-225177


  • Serial Number: D01-225177 (Green)
  • Memory: 48K (confirmed)
  • Issue: 3
  • ULA: 6C001E-6 (8341)
  • Z80: NEC D780C-1 (8320)
  • Cost: £7.50 (eBay)
  • Comments: Case is in pretty bad condition, the faceplate is bent, scratched and not stuck down, but otherwise, it works very well.  Also included in the purchase were a dK’Tronics joystick interface (working), 2 joysticks and a AlphaCom 32 printer (untested).


  • 6/10/2012 – Needs a good clean, last time I opened the case the wide keyboard ribbon cable developed a crack, so I’ve had to cut 3mm off the end and re-insert it, so at some point it’s going to need a new membrane to keep it running.  Considering the price and what it came with, very good purchase.


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