ZX Spectrum – 001-233295


  • Serial Number: 001-233295 (Green)
  • Memory: 48K (untested)
  • Issue: 2
  • ULA: 5C112E-3 (8303)
  • Z80: NEC D780C-1
  • Cost: £15 (eBay)
  • Comments: Sold as ‘working’ but in fact, doesn’t. Keyboard not connected, and output is solid black / crawling black square.  Seller offered to take it back, but by the time I pay postage, I may as well keep it for spares or repair.


  • 6/10/2012 – Have only had this a day or two, and only just tested it.  It needs a good clean!  I may be able to use the faceplate to fix up D01-225177, and perhaps the UFH modulator somewhere else, even if I can’t get it working.



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