Retro Computing

Thought I might as well put a page together listing the crap retro-computer equipment I find myself the proud owner of.


One morning I got up and realised I was over the age of 40.  I immediately decided that I should have a mid-life crisis, and needed some kind of old nerd hobby to throw away my increasingly small amounts of disposable cash on.  Rather than start buying motorcycles or arcade cabinets (believe me, I would if I could), I thought I’d go crazy and start collecting some Spectrums!  As a kid I had an Atari 400 and a Sinclair ZX Spectrum (spoiled child, I know).  I associated with the Spectrum more than the Atari, so that is (currently) where I’ve headed in terms of collecting stuff.

You can read about the journey starting here, and you can find all the posts about this topic on this page.

This page is really just going to be a summary of what I currently have and what condition it’s in.



  • 48k Spectrum (serial 023-026860, red text).  Not bad condition, some dents and chips.  Screws are rusty and the RF output is low quality.  All keys work.
  • 48k Spectrum (serial 001-430610, green text).  Keyboard membrane connectors badly cracked, metal faceplate looks like it’s been removed at least once.  Output is pristine though.
  • 48k Spectrum (serial D01-225177, green text).  Faceplate in bad condition and lifting away from the case, but internally very clean.  Output is crisp but not as good as 430610.
  • 128k Spectrum +2 [Grey] (serial U-075778).  Decent condition, tape motor works but not tested.  All keys work.  Output via RF is broken, and looks like someone has tampered with the RF circuit.  Not testing over the RGB connection yet.


  • AlphaCom 32 printer.  Untested, needs a good clean.
  • DKTronics joystick interface.  Untested.
  • 2 x Cheetah joysticks. Untested.


  • Isn’t that quite enough for now?

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