ZX Spectrum – 001-430610


  • Serial Number: 001-430610 (Green)
  • Memory: 48K (confirmed)
  • Issue: 2
  • ULA: 6C001E-6 (8327)
  • Z80: NEC D780C-1
  • Cost: £17 (eBay)
  • Comments: Included box, power supply, cables and manuals.  Sold as working, but keyboard membrane was broken. Now repaired, otherwise very good condition.


  • 6/10/2012 – Have replaced the keyboard membrane with a new one, and the whole thing is in very good working condition.  Probably the best out of the lot of the ones I have, and I’ve put it back into the box for now.  The box is pretty tatty (no ends), but the poly is in good condition.


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